School Groundbreaking a Festive, Historic Moment…

Tuesday morning, May 21, was an historic day in Lake City as Hinsdale County School Board hosted a ground-breaking ceremony marking the start of a massive school remodel and expansion.
Young and old were in elated spirits, including Lily Fyler’s Kindergarten and 1st Grade students who gleefully raised their plastic shovels as part of the community celebration.
Adults taking part in the Tuesday celebration utilizing earth movers provided by the school’s contractors, FCI Constructors — pictured left to right, wielding their shovels — are Hinsdale School Board President Phil Virden, Community School student representative Kolten Wonnacott, RTA Architect’s Brian Calhoun, school board member Tara Hardy, School Superintendent Rebecca Hall, school board member Rob Hudgeons, Patrick Ward with RTA Architects, school board’s Camille Richard, Saul Abrahams on behalf of the owners’ representatives firm NV5, Cullen Zion, Project Manager for FCI Constructors, Anna Marie Jackson with RTA Architects, and FCI Constructors Project Superintendent David Pribble.