OHV Pilot Program Concludes for 2019 to Resume May, 2020

The Hinsdale County Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) Pilot Program came to an end on Monday, September 30, and is scheduled to be renewed for 2020.
The Pilot Program is an special use permit agreement between the County, Town of Lake City and CDOT which allows OHVs to complete the Alpine Loop by allowing access to Highway 149 between Second Street and County Road 30.
Next year’s program is slated to begin May 1 and continue through September 30 again.
The County was considering working in cooperation with Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to extend this year’s program through October because of the mild temperatures and fall colors, but the extension will not be pursued at this time.
Hinsdale County will produce a report that illustrates to CDOT how this summer went with information such as the number of tickets issued, whether there were any accidents and overall general information, to be presented to CDOT for review.
At this time, and until May 1, 2020, OHVs are not allowed on any portion of Highway 149.