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Sewer Line Project Awarded to RMS Utilities, Base Bid Totalling $1,498,313

As part of an ongoing effort by Town of Lake City to improve infrastructure and leading up to an eventual street-paving project, a sewer line replacement project will be commencing sometime in the near future. Bids were solicited to secure a contractor, and the project has been awarded to RMS Utilities, Inc., from Alamosa, although

Hinsdale County Sheriff Justin Casey — who has resumed work on a limited basis — agreed to a short interview with SILVER WORLD this week recounting his recent horrific snowslide experience.

Hinsdale County Sheriff Justin Casey — who has resumed work on a limited basis — agreed to a short interview with SILVER WORLD this week recounting his recent horrific snowslide experience. Sheriff Casey and his daughters, 17-year-old Sarah, and Kristy, 15, returned to a new temporary home in Lake City on March 14 and as

Upper Lake Fork CR30 Reopened 149 to Wager Gulch

Hinsdale County and Town of Lake City officials are cautiously optimistic that the worst of the snowslide danger is now behind us and on the first day of Spring, Wednesday, March 20, began to relax access restrictions which had been placed on significant areas in and around Lake City. The lessening in restrictions is the

Hypothermia Ruled in Death of Upper Lake Fork Woman

Hinsdale County Sheriff’s Office and Hinsdale Search & Rescue aided in search efforts for a missing upper Lake Fork resident whose body was located last Friday afternoon, March 16. 65-year old Laura Claire Gold, affectionately known as “Mama Laura,” lived in a remote frame cabin overlooking Lake San Cristobal which is located on a portion

Snowpack Now 168 Percent Average

Although ongoing concerns linger following avalanche destruction at the Justin Casey home and damage to the Denham residence last week, a possible upside to the excessive snowfall is received in the Lake Fork Valley is a dramatic upswing in snow levels and moisture content. Dense snowfall which occurred in and around Lake City in successive

From Hinsdale County Emergency Operations Center – Press Release Updates

The following chronological updates are from District 2 Commissioner Kristie Borchers on behalf of Hinsdale County Emergency Operations Center (EOC), Silver World is re-printing these most recent at the top going back to March 14:   Evening Update By order of the Sheriff’s Office, County Road 20 beyond the ATV Staging area remains closed. By

In response to questions on the locations of various snowslides and snow events, Silver World asked local graphics artist Patrice Palmer to prepare this map late last Wednesday, March 13.

Avalanche Info Center Reduces Local, State Levels to Moderate… Avalanche warnings in all areas of the state, including the Lake City area in the north San Juan sector, have been downgraded to Level 2-Moderate as of Tuesday, March 26. Concerns due to recent heavy snows on an unstable base still remain in Lake City, according

Heavy Snow Prompts Avalanches at T-Mountain Gulch, Slum Pass

Snow accumulation topping 24” of heavy, wet snow in high mountain areas near Lake City last Thursday and Friday, March 7 and 8, resulted in a succession of late winter snowslides, including a late evening slide March 8 on Slumgullion Pass which blocked both lanes of Highway 149. Slides have also run on tributaries to

‘Miraculous Escape’ for Casey Family as Sunshine Snowslide Demolishes Home

Evacuation orders were issued by Hinsdale County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday, March 12, in the wake of a series of devastating snowslides which have occurred south of Lake City along County Road 30 following in excess of a 16” of new snow which has fallen since Monday night. The Lake Fork Valley’s worst slide occurred

Town Trustees Set OHV Special Mail-In Ballot Election July 23

At times rancorous discussion characterized Town of Lake City’s Wednesday, March 6, meeting on the future of Off Highway Vehicles (OHVs) in Lake City. At the conclusion of the more than an hour-long discussion, a motion was made and seconded by Town Trustees Jud Hollingsworth and Marty Priest, and passed unanimously, setting Tuesday, July 23,

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