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Archives for June 2017

Durable, Tenacious Lake City Runners in Solstice Run

A total of 17 Lake City area runners initially registered for Saturday’s San Juan Solstice, although by race start the number has been reduced to 16 because of the withdrawal of Lucky O’Dubhaigh. O’Dubhaigh, a veteran of the race who has competed for a number of years, declined to race, choosing instead to be available

High Stepping Ultra Runners

  A little over nine hours after the predawn start of the annual San Juan Solstice, Littleton, Colorado, runner Luke Jay gleefully bounded across the town park finish line. Jay, a repeat winner in the 50-mile Solstice run, shared his first place, 9-hour, 3.29-minute finish with his two sons, 9-year old Ryder and Max, age

2017 San Juan Solstice

Top three female runners: Kerrie Bruxvourt, 10:41:33, Kathryn Ross, 11:12:26, Elizabeth Gold, 11:48:58 Runners Times:  Luke Jay, 9:03:29; Carlos Ruibal, 9:16:52; Dustin Simoens, 9:24:31; Jesse Rickert, 9:35:14; Tyler Fox, 9:43:58; Chris Marnich, 9:48:31; Kevin Sturmer, 9:55:03; Shaun Smith, 9:57:02; Karl Mayer, 9:57:37. Jeff Strickland, 10:06:08; Joel Anderson, 10:06:26; Ben Dhiman, 10:20:06; Dan Thurnhoffer, 10:23:37; Ed

High Water Returns Timed with Warmer Daytime Temps

Long-time Lake City locals and water experts are shaking the heads this week with the unusual phenomenae of not one but two high water peaks in the Lake Fork River in recent weeks separated by an intermission in which water levels dramatically dropped. It’s anyone’s guess why high country water melt apparently peaked at approximately

Packgoat Enthusiasts Aid Trail Work

In addition to carrying up to 70 pounds of rocks carefully proportioned in panyards, packgoats at last Saturday’s trail improvement project on lower reaches of Alpine Gulch were among the enthusiastic vegetation trimmers. Thorn, a five-year old Alpine packgoat with proudly arching horn and corresponding beard, contentedly stood by his owner, Marc Warnke of Boise,

DeShazo’s New Lake City Brewing Co. Adds to Local Beer Brewing Heritage

Although home brewers occasionally share their custom beer brews among friends, it’s been well over 130 years since Lake City locals and visitors enjoyed a frothy beer which was commercially brewed locally. All that is about to change as construction began last week on Doug and Diane DeShazos’ Lake City Brewing Co. building on South

Local Warming Sells to Delta- Based JC Propane

Change is in the air at Odell and Josha Smiths’ Local Warming, in operation since 2009. The business has been sold, effective June 2, to Delta and Gunnison-based JC Propane, owned by sisters Sharon Perry and Sherry Cobb. According to Cobb, JC Propane was established in 1998 when her father, Jerry Cobb, started up in

Therese Ryan… 91-year old Chicago native shaped Lake City at start of Tourism Era.

Looking back on her long and successful business life in Lake City extending from the mid-1950s until the early 2000s, Therese McGovern Ryan’s eyes would light up. “I enjoyed every minute of it, I have absolutely no regrets.” The Chicago native and former avowed “city girl” glimpsed Lake City at a unique time as it

Moore, 2017 Citizen of Year, Enthused as Coach, Trustee

It’s been a month since Richard Moore was named Citizen of the Year at the recent “Celebrate Lake City” fete sponsored by Lake City Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Improvement & Revitalization Team. Well respected in town and known for wearing his heart on his sleeve, the hardworking cross country, and track and field coach