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Lake City School Hosts Invitational Track Meet Friday

Friday, September 29, Lake City Community School (LCCS) will host seven schools from all over the state of Colorado in the fourth annual cross country invitational. Runners from Fort Collins, Center, Del Norte, Monte Vista, Centauri, Moffat and Gunnison will join LCCS runners at 3 p.m. to see who can make it across the finish

Creede, Lake City Boards Pondering Revised Proposal

(Ed.’s Note: Hinsdale County School Board has made a counter proposal to Creede School District’s proposed revision to cooperative basketball agreement for the upcoming season. The Hinsdale counter proposal was delivered to Creede on Tuesday, September 26 and will be considered by the Creede School Board at their meeting Monday, October 2. SILVER WORLD reprints

Emotions Soar as Lake City, Creede School Directors Discuss Cooperative Agreement

A surprise vote was made Tuesday evening, September 19, by the Creede School Board to set aside and redraft the basketball co-op between the Lake City and Creede Schools which has been in place since 2011. Only weeks away from beginning practices on November 10, the unexpected action brought strain and high emotion to the

2017 Lake City Uncorked Wine & Music Festival

Last weekend’s 2017 Uncorked Wine & Music Festival, hosted by Downtown Improvement & Revitalization Team, ranks as one of the best yet with a total of 850 tickets sold compared to 775 tickets at last year’s festival. Parched festival goers downed an estimated 996 bottles of wine and roughly eight kegs of beer brew while

Vigilance Urged in Wake of Increasing Reports – Bears Entering Cars, Homes

Reports of bear sightings and occasional bear-caused damage are on the increase in and around Lake City in recent weeks, timed to the animals’ ramping up of feeding prior to this winter’s hibernation. According to local Parks & Wildlife officer Lucas Martin, black bears are ravenous in late summer/early fall as they need to consume

Crowds Attend Courthouse Celebration

The long-awaited reveal for the freshly renovated Hinsdale County Courthouse came Friday, September 15 at 1 p.m. The large crowd packed with state and local dignitaries, judicial representatives, locals from every corner of Hinsdale County as well as a bevy of Lake City Community School students, gathered to view the ceremony, enjoy the punch and

Salzmann Addresses Town Trustees on OHV Impacts in Lake City

Over the course of the summer, SILVER WORLD has received several letters to the editor, both pro and con, regarding the recently passed town ordinance allowing OHVs and ATVs on town and county streets and alleys. Lake City resident Diane Salzman wrote a letter that was published in the August 18 issue of WORLD encouraging anyone

Hinsdale School Staff, Directors Perplexed as Creede Ends Cooperative Basketball Agreement

Hinsdale School District Directors are pondering the future of Lake City Community School athletics, specifically the boys’ and girls’ middle school and high school basketball program, in the wake of a surprise decision by Creede School District to end the cooperative arrangement between the two schools. Creede School District’s decision not to approve the proposed

County Expressing Relief, Pride as Courthouse Work Draws to Close

Hinsdale County officials are celebrating on Friday, September 15, with a 1 p.m. ribbon cutting ceremony marking completion of the multi-year renovation of 140-year-old Hinsdale County Courthouse. Friday’s celebration starts at 1 p.m. and includes tours of the historic structure which has been repaired, stabilized, rewired and redecorated literally from the subsurface foundation all the

County/F.S. Rehab Plan Calls for Phased Improvement at 30-Mile Resort

Tom Malecek, Deputy Forest Supervisor for Rio Grande National Forest (RGNF), led Hinsdale County Commissioners Stan Whinnery and Cindy Dozier, along with a contingent of Forest Service personnel and county employees, on a leisurely tour of the county’s newly acquired 30-Mile Resort on Wednesday, August 16, following the commissioners’ meeting and luncheon held at Freemon’s

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