Silver Thread

Produced annually by Lake City Silver World Publishing, the Silver Thread Summer Guide focuses on the Silver Thread Scenic Byway that connects Lake City, Creede and South Fork, Colorado. The 117 miles of Colorado State Highway 149 make up the Silver Thread, which consists of portions of two 19th Century toll roads, which were instrumental in developing the San Juan Mountains southwestern Colorado.

Motorists traversing the route today are but the most recent in a long progression of travelers dating back centuries to the Ute Indians and Spanish explorers, and, more recently, wild-eyed prospectors who streamed into these mountains in the mid-1870s in search of elusive mineral wealth.” – 2008 Silver Thread Guide

The Silver Thread Summer Guide focuses on the history of the Silver Thread Scenic Byway while highlighting all the fun and exciting things to do and see along Highway 149.

The guide includes stories about historical events, interesting people and forgotten places, giving visitors an inside look at the pasts of the historically rich towns of Creede, South Fork and Lake City, and all the little ranches, roads and properties in between. A large calendar of summer events for each town is also included, along with pieces on the summer flavor of South Fork, Creede and Lake City.

For a downloadable PDF (15M) file, SilverTHREAD2014.pdf.