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County Letter Acknowledges School District Correct in Refuting Alleged Clerical Error

In a special April 10 meeting, Hinsdale Commissioners Cindy Dozier and Stan Whinnery voted to approve a response letter directed to the Hinsdale County School District. Commissioner Susan Thompson, also a school employee, was not in attendance, having recused herself from the matter citing conflict of interest. The long awaited response, penned by County Attorney

SRS Funding, Sup’t Search on Busy School Agenda

by Sally Scott Moore Hinsdale County School Board members met Thursday, April 19, for a special meeting. Executive session discussion regarding Hinsdale County’s formal response and the county request for a meeting date for Secure Rural Schools negotiations was the primary agenda item. Also on the Lake City Community School docket was in-depth planning in

Lake City Volunteers Praised as “Champions of the Community”

Lake City’s best of the best were warmly applauded last Tuesday evening, April 17, during DIRT, Hinsdale Chamber of Commerce and Lake City Arts’ annual Celebrate Lake City volunteer celebration. Repeated applause and standing ovations greeted announcement of an unprecedented three lifetime achievement awards which went to Terry Hall from Lake City Continental Divide Snowmobile

Civil War Display

Peggy Bales puts the finishing touches on a mannequin, which is part of a major new summer exhibition on Lake City’s role in the American Civil War, at Hinsdale County Museum. Not founded until 1874, Lake City’s participation in the war was necessarily limited, although a majority of the town and county’s earliest settlers —

Betsy Cheney … Dallas native, 78, was past Town Trustee, legendary hostess.

As a revered Lake City hostess, Betsy Small Cheney had the ability to whip up a mean Bloody Mary or superbly dry martini, followed by succulent hors d’oeuvres and mouth-watering main course, all served up with apparent ease and accompanied by a warm smile and southern drawl. Interspersed in the entertaining mix were hugs, a

Swank, Oldest Lake City Resident, Dies in Gunnison April 17, Age 98

A memorial celebration for Lake City’s oldest native, 98-year old Celia Rawson Swank, will be held later this summer, according to family members. Mrs. Swank was a resident of Gunnison Valley Health Care Center at her death 10:42 a.m. Tuesday, April 17. She had been in a semi-conscious state and partly paralyzed following an apparent

95-Year old Ellen Jordan Considers Lake City “One Big Family”

34-year Lake City resident Ellen Bozeman Jordan says her snug new residence, the 140-year old Chiles cabin set on the alley off Gunnison Avenue, “is just a little bit older than I am.” Well, that may be a slight exaggeration, but both the cabin and Ellen, who turned 95 years old on Monday this week,

BOT Pass Watering Restrictions Policy at April 4 Meeting

With summer temperatures and a potentially perilous fire season rapidly approaching, Town Manager Caroline Mitchell and Town staff found it prudent to discuss the high probability of watering restrictions that will need to be implemented for the 2018 tourist season. At the April 4 Town of Lake City Board of Trustees meeting, Mitchell commenced the

Local Angler Catches, Releases 10,000 Fish…

Spring annually brings a Lake Fork River fish catch picture to salivate the tastebuds of our local anglers. Lower Lake Fork resident and fisherman Scott Williams supplies photos documenting his recent fishing successes along the river north of town, including the especially vivid-hued rainbow, which was photographed by his wife, Becky, on March 30. Male

Club 20

Pictured left to right are South End resident and Hinsdale County Commissioner candidate David Guilliams, Hinsdale County’s Club 20 Representative and receiver of this year’s Club 20 New Member of the Year Award for his high level of involvement in the organization, Michael Murphy, and newly-appointed Club 20 Chairperson, Cindy Dozier, who is the first

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