BOT Pass Watering Restrictions Policy at April 4 Meeting

With summer temperatures and a potentially perilous fire season rapidly approaching, Town Manager Caroline Mitchell and Town staff found it prudent to discuss the high probability of watering restrictions that will need to be implemented for the 2018 tourist season.
At the April 4 Town of Lake City Board of Trustees meeting, Mitchell commenced the conversation by saying, “Mr. Mayor, many communities around the western slope are clearly looking with concern to the current status of water – or lack of water – in our area. So in following suit with those communities, staff proposes that the Town consider adding a drought policy.”
Mitchell explained that this policy would be a “ratchet-down” approach. “If we are unable to meet the demand for water this summer,” she said, “starting with Stage One, which would begin on
May 1 as people start to come back into town and open up their homes, the main rule would be that odd numbered houses be allowed to water on odd numbered calendar days, and vice versa for even-numbered houses.”
Mitchell went on to explain that should Stage One be insufficient, the restrictions would move into Stage Two, which would mean even-numbered houses could water only on Wednesdays and Saturdays and odd-numbered houses on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
Stage Three would affect the largest outdoor users, like the Town of Lake City itself, significantly curtiling their usage for things like irrigation at Town and Memorial Parks.
Mitchell mused that while the issue could be a moot point if Lake City sees heavy springtime rains, “It’s better to get in front of it early and train people accordingly.”
Newly elected Town Trustee Alan Rae concurred, saying “Let’s hope it rains.”
The drought policy motion passed unopposed, with Mayor Vierheller closing the discussion encouraging citizens to invest in a rain barrel, stating “they are legal here in Colorado and work great for emergency gardening.”
Contact Town of Lake City at 970-944-2333 or Blue Spruce Building Materials at 970-944-2581 for more information about rain barrels.