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Archives for October 2018

Architects Unveil Exterior Views of Proposed School Renovation

With the final countdown now underway — just six days distant as of Wednesday this week — until next Tuesday’s General Election, Directors of Hinsdale County School District were cautiously optimistic as they met with Brian Calhoun of RTA Architects . During an hour-long teleconference, Calhoun received favorable reviews from school directors and audience as he

Voters Confronted with Formidable List State Ballot Issues

Preferred bedside reading in Lake City and throughout the state in recent days is Legislative Council of the Colorado General Assembly’s “Blue Book,” the usually miniscule but reliably informative rundown providing pros and cons on each of the state’s ballot initiatives. This year’s Blue Book, sent out in advance of the Tuesday, November 6, General

Balloting in Process for November 6 General Election Lengthy ballot covers plethora of state and local candidates, bond proposals for Hinsdale, Archuleta school districts

Tuesday, November 6, is looming as the deadline for Hinsdale County voters to return their expansive General Election ballot. This year’s ballot, printed front and back on two pages, includes a variety of candidates vying for state, regional and county public office, plus separate ballot questions for Hinsdale County voters which seek greater flexibility in

Editorial Cartoonist Rob Pudim Reflects On Multi-Decade Career

by Sally Scott Moore SILVER WORLD readers have long been entertained by the quirky caricature, cartoon renderings drawn by artist Rob Pudim. His one-frame drawings appearing on editorial page may have led readers to think they must be the work of a reclusive local artist because they so cleverly capture funny Lake City-isms, or made

Armeanca Awarded for EMT Skills Saving Baby’s Life

Lake City resident Razvan Armeanca — pictured center with Town Manager Caroline Mitchell, far left, and EMS Director Jerry Gray — received an award for his EMT skills which resulted in saving the life of a young patron in Climb Elevated Restaurant. — photo, Cindy Dozier

Hill 71 updated diagram

Starting at highest elevation, 12,294’ on 71 Mountain on September 4, Hinsdale County Road & Bridge and Gunnison County Electric began installation, breaking ground with the county’s rented D8-T Dozer mounted with a 4’ ripper. Following in the process was GCEA’s equipment with 3,000-lb. reel of electric cable which was threaded needle-like through a vibrating

School Plan

RTA Architect Brian Calhoun addressed a 31-member audience at Tuesday evening’s third public visioning process during which room configuration and exterior design for the enlarged Lake City Community School were discussed. Preceding Calhoun at the meeting was Hinsdale School Board President Phil Virden who recounted the start of the current process dating back to 2016 and

County, Gunnison Co. Electric Finish 7.78-Mile Installation to Mtn. 71

Hinsdale County and its installation partner, Gunnison County Electric Assoc., apparently lucked out in terms of adverse weather as the duo completed installation of its 7.78-mile electric line in a record 30 days. The county’s new single-phase electric cable in conduit is buried at a depth ranging from 38” to 42” extending from the Mountain

School Hears Upbeat Report on Bond Campaign

In a season peppered with new facility planning, input meetings and back to school events, Hinsdale School Board met Thursday, September 20. Joining schools board directors Phil Virden, Tara Hardy, Rob Hudgeons, Camille Richard and Bill Reinhardt was Superintendent Rebecca Hall. Erin Cavit gave an upbeat report on Community Communications Committee activities, noting, “the group