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Jack Moseley …91-year old California entrepreneur’s love for Lake City improved quality of life in myriad of ways.

John “Jack” Moseley died at home at Hope Ranch in rural Santa Barbara, California, on August 2, 2018 after a multi-year battle with Alzheimer’s disease. He was 91. Moseley profoundly loved Lake City and the upper Lake Fork Valley, and, conversely, had a profoundly beneficial impact on Lake City as a result of his philanthropic

Stabilization Underway on Century-Old Redwood Water Tank at Ute-Ulay Mine

The iconic 20’-diameter tank, is the focus of a stabilization project now being undertaken by Native Sun as contractor for Hinsdale County. Repairs which began July 20 will be completed by October, including reattaching loosened wall boards and shimming up the tank’s supporting foundation. — photos, Henry Woods

Tri-State to Perform Maintenance on Electric Transmission Line Serving Lake City

Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, in cooperation with Gunnison County Electric Association (GCEA), will undertake a large-scale vegetation management project this fall along the Blue Mesa/Lake City 115 kila-volt transmission line. According to Tri-State representative Ted Morris, the project will be two-fold, accomplishing clear cutting maintenance around the line, as well as protection and stabilization

County’s Board of Equalization Denies Lake Fork Club’s Challenge to Valuation

Hinsdale County Board of Equalization (BOE) entertained a focused petition hearing on Wednesday morning, August 8. Hinsdale Commissioners Thompson, Dozier and Whinnery serve as the BOE for county tax disputes. Present with the BOE at the Wednesday meeting were Hinsdale Tax Assessor Luke de la Parra, and participating in a conference call were Mike Russell,

Town Trustees Hear Citizens’ Concerns Over OHV Noise, Parking, Speeding

Several community members were present at the August 15 Town of Lake City Board of Trustees regular meeting to discuss the issues of noise, parking and OHVs with Mayor Bruce Vierheller and trustees Dave Roberts, Richard Moore, Jud Hollingsworth, Alan Rae, Marty Priest and Jeff Heaton. In addition to trustees and mayor, also attending were

Estimated 81 Students for Start of 2018-19 Year at Community School

A flurry of activity is occurring at Lake City Community School this week in advance of the resumption of classes for the 2018-19 school year next Tuesday, August 28. This year’s school start is marked by several notable staffing changes at the school, key of which is former school counselor Rebecca Mills Hall who is

Electric Line Requisites

During informal discussion following their special meeting on August 14, Hinsdale Commissioners Whinnery, Dozier and Thompson discussed the somewhat daunting logistics of installing an electric line in conduit from near the old Golconda Resort at Lake San Cristobal seven miles up Slumgullion Pass to the Hill 71 communications site. As enumerated at the meeting, in

Voluntary Watering Restrictions Lifted at August 1 Board of Trustees Meeting

At the regular Town of Lake City Board of Trustees meeting August 1, trustess unanimously voted to lift the voluntary watering restrictions that were put in place at a June 27 special meeting. All trustees — Dave Roberts, Jeff Heaton, Richard Moore, Jud Hollingsworth, Marty Priest and Alan Rae — were present at the meeting,

Rundle Finalizing Phase II of Waterline Replacement, Looking Ahead to Sewer Project

During the month of August, Rundle Construction is finalizing Phase II of the waterline replacement project in Lake City. According to project engineer Joanne Fagan, this month’s work will be the last of Phase II and the project, which has been ongoing since 2015, will be complete. During the first part of August, Rundle was

County Reaches Compromise on Hill 71 Project

After a multi-hour discussion — at times heated and punctuated when one of the telephone participants suffered a heart attack — Hinsdale County Commissioners navigated an impasse allowing partial installation of conduit for broadband fiber cable on the route to the Hill 71 communications site. As reported in last week’s edition, Hinsdale Commissioners are at

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