Estimated 81 Students for Start of 2018-19 Year at Community School

A flurry of activity is occurring at Lake City Community School this week in advance of the resumption of classes for the 2018-19 school year next Tuesday, August 28.
This year’s school start is marked by several notable staffing changes at the school, key of which is former school counselor Rebecca Mills Hall who is now School Principal and Superintendent of Schools.
Also taking a new role at the school this coming year is veteran middle school/high school English instructor Martha Levine who now succeeds Rebecca Hall as school counselor.
Other new faces on the school staff are Sarah Kem, middle school/high school English instructor; Mandy Caldon, educational assistant; Bryan Carr, special education and educational assistant; Nicole Kath, preschool aid; and Teresa Myers, facility manager.
As of mid-week this week, 81 students are tentatively enrolled for the start of classes in grades preschool through high school, a slight decline in numbers from last year’s enrollment.
Students at Lake City Community School will once again attend a four-day class week, Tuesdays through Fridays, with all classes beginning at 8:15 a.m. The 8:15 start time is new for middle school/high school students who previously began classes at 8 a.m.
Other slight curriculum changes for the 2018-19 school year are three-year old preschool students whose classroom schedule is every Tuesday and Wednesday instead of only Tuesday previously; and four-year old preschool students who will attend classes all four days, Tuesdays through Fridays, instead of the previous Wednesday through Friday schedule.
After an intermission last school year, returning middle school and high school students this year will start their first week at school with a return of Adventure Camp, this year hosted by Sky Ranch, the old Ute Trail Ranch, on the lower Lake Fork.
A smorgasbord of outdoor activities is planned for the older Adventure students for four days next week, highlights including kayaking at Lake San Cristobal, an overnight wilderness camp trip for high school students to Crystal Lake and, for middle schoolers, hiking the lower Lake Fork pinnacle rock formation.
Thrown into the Adventure Camp mix is innertubing on the Lake Fork, camp games including low ropes training, an Ultimate Frisbee Tournament, and S’mores around a riverside campfire. Adult chaperones for the Adventure Camp are Mindy and Dan McClung, Dan Scroggins, Martha Levine, Sarah Kem, Gary Gibson, Nate Motsinger, Natasha Giovacchini, Bryan Carr, Susan Thompson and Cindy Nelson.
After a fun-filled Adventure Camp, classes for the middle school and high school students begin on schedule on Tuesday, September 4.
In addition to new staff positions already enumerated, returning staff at Lake City Community School is as follows: Shawn Arthur, Administrative Assistant; Caitlin Rhodes, preschool instructor; Lily Fyler, Kindergarten-1st Grade; Lori Frech, 2nd and 3rd Grades; Jennifer Reinhardt, 4th and 5th Grades; Amanda Phillimore, MS/HS math; Natasha Giovacchini, MS/HS social studies; Dan Scroggins, MS/HS science and school athletic director; Gary Gibson, physical education; Nate Motsinger, school art; Mindy McClung, Spanish and elementary interventionist; Emily Motsinger, deaf education; Lydia McNeese, special education; Elaine Gray, librarian; Cindy Nelson, educational assistant; Susan Thompson, school business manager; Dan Wampler, technology coordinator; and Carla Whinnery, technology coach.
Interviews with new staff members and, of course, classroom photos of students on their first day of school, are planned in next week’s WORLD.