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HistoriCorps’ Volunteers Breathe New Life to Johnson Stage Stop

Teams of exuberant and highly-energized volunteers with the Denver-based preservation group HistoriCorps are turning back the hands of time at a unique complex of log buildings on the lower Lake Fork Valley near Red Bridge. Known as the Carr Ranch and, before that, the Johnson Stage Stop, the log buildings are now owned by the

Work Crews Digging Down, Looking Up in School Project

FCI Constructors and their subcontractors are working at a fast, early morning to late evening clip as they continue work on the expansion of Lake City Community School. Under rare overcast and rainy skies last Thursday, workmen for Blue Valley Carpentry in Gunnison labored at a high angle as they unfastened and prepared for hoisting the

Court Rules Town’s July 23 OHV Election to Proceed Town of Lake City Unsuccessful in District Court Law Suit to Delay Election Based on Potential Flood Event

District Court Judge J. Steven Patrick denied Town of Lake City’s request for a postponement of next month’s special OHV election following a three-and-a-half-hour hearing on Thursday afternoon, June 13, which was held in Hinsdale County Court. Town officials based their law suit for a delay in the Tuesday, July 23, special election to Tuesday, November

OU Archaeology Students Delve Into 8,000 Years of Lower Lake Fork History

Intermixed with the subtle green hues of gnarled sagebrush on Miller Flats north of Lake City are occasional bright outbursts of late spring lupine in shades of royal blue and the occasional startling red of Indian Paintbrush. Inexplicably added to the lower Lake Fork Valley panorama are more than a thousand small plastic survey markers

Planning and Zoning Commission Holds Public Forum on Affordable Housing

After months of intense research and preparation, the Town of Lake City Planning and Zoning Commission presented their Workforce and Affordable Housing Forum June 6 in the Armory multi-purpose meeting room. Speaker and Planning and Zoning Commission Chair Andy Dozier began the well-attended forum by introducing the commission, which consists of Doug Hamel, Karen McClatchie,

Amid Applause, Briefing, Audience Hears Major Strides in Flood Mitigation Work

by Sally Scott Moore News that a new $1,333,000 USDA grant via the National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) awarded to fund and accelerate mitigation of the massive amounts of downed trees along the Alpine Loop was the headline from the latest public update at the Armory on Tuesday evening, June 11. Applause frequently erupted from

Unprecedented Evacuation of Artifacts from Hinsdale County Museum in Preparation for Area Flooding

Volunteers have been working around-the-clock since late last week, over the weekend, and continuing this week as historic collections and archival materials from Hinsdale County Museum are removed from the museum’s basement and ground-level floor, as well as items from the museum’s Transportation Building and Smith-Grantham House. Especially rare items such as the dollhouse allegedly

OHV Pilot Program Receives Approval Through September

After some confusion and speculation that the Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Pilot Program would be tabled at the State level by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), WORLD has received word that as of Friday, May 31, the program is a go within the town of Lake City. County representatives said that on Friday, May 31,

Summons Served by Town to OHV Petition Sponsors

On May 24, the Town of Lake City, with the assistance of town lawyers Masters & Viner, served summons paperwork to John Coy and Larry Iiams, sponsors for the petition to prohibit Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) use within the Town of Lake City. Ordinarily, the defendants would be given twenty-one days to respond to such

Heightened Concern, Planning Evident as Waters Rise in Lake Fork, Henson Creek

by Sally Scott Moore Well behind schedule, the long-awaited alpine snow melt has finally begun to rise in both Henson Creek and the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River which bifurcate Lake City. In tandem with the threatening flood waters are rising public anticipation, anxiety, and planning strategies. Fourth in a series of Tuesday night

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