Voluntary Watering Restrictions Lifted at August 1 Board of Trustees Meeting

At the regular Town of Lake City Board of Trustees meeting August 1, trustess unanimously voted to lift the voluntary watering restrictions that were put in place at a June 27 special meeting.
All trustees — Dave Roberts, Jeff Heaton, Richard Moore, Jud Hollingsworth, Marty Priest and Alan Rae — were present at the meeting, along with Mayor Vierheller, Town Manager Caroline Mitchell, and Town Clerk Jamie Turrentine.
Prior to the decision being made, Vierheller asked Public Works Director Greg Levine for his opinion, Levine replying, “I suggest you remove all water restrictions. The rain that we had over the month of July changed everything significantly. All it really took was the rains to come, and for people to stop watering temporarily to get the numbers to adjust, and now our season seems fairly normal. I see no differnence between this year and any other year, so I see no reason to have any restrictions in place going forward.”
The motion was made and seconded and passed unopposed.
Readers are encouraged to call Town offices with questions regarding water at 944-2333.