Local Angler Catches, Releases 10,000 Fish…

Spring annually brings a Lake Fork River fish catch picture to salivate the tastebuds of our local anglers. Lower Lake Fork resident and fisherman Scott Williams supplies photos documenting his recent fishing successes along the river north of town, including the especially vivid-hued rainbow, which was photographed by his wife, Becky, on March 30. Male rainbows, according to Scott, are particularly colorful during spawning season.
Williams is also pictured with a lesser-sized trout which he briefly caught on the Upper Cebolla near Cathedral earlier this spring.
The significance of the Cebolla fish, he says, is the fact that it represents the 10,000th fish he has caught and released since moving to Lake City in 2001.
All of the fish he has caught since 2001, he adds, came from the Lake Fork, Cebolla, Henson Creek, Big Blue, and a variety of other high mountain streams in the area.