Creede, Lake City Boards Pondering Revised Proposal

(Ed.’s Note: Hinsdale County School Board has made a counter proposal to Creede School District’s proposed revision to cooperative basketball agreement for the upcoming season. The Hinsdale counter proposal was delivered to Creede on Tuesday, September 26 and will be considered by the Creede School Board at their meeting Monday, October 2.
SILVER WORLD reprints the counter proposal below with the following explanation: words and sentences in italic with single stroke-through constitute wording in Creede’s proposal not agreed to by the Hinsdale School Board. Words and sentences underlined are Hinsdale School Board’s counter proposal. Words and sentences which are not underlined, italic or strike-through are part of the cooperative agreement proposed by Creede.)


Preface: The intention of Creede School District (Creede) and Hinsdale County School District (Lake City) is to work together for “what is best for our students.” In the public school system we understand that it is our responsibility to make available to every student every opportunity we possibly can for their success including athletic achievement.
For over five years, cooperation between Creede and Lake City for has provided stable
programming and allowed for steady development of our program and athletes. The
original co-op agreement established in 2011 was dissolved by Creede on September 19, 2017. This new Cooperative Agreement would re-establish the co-op.
From year -to -year enrollment will fluctuate and the need for a co-op may do the same.
the terms for the co-op may differ from year -to -year as well. Looking forward into this school year, the following terms are proposed based on the requirements found in
CHSAA Bylaw 1790.1 (in the 2017-2018 CHSAA handbook on pages 61-62.)

Agreement for the 2017-18 Season:

1. Funding of the Activity – Creede School District (CSD) will cover all costs except for the cost of transporting Lake City players to Creede. Creede will pay for referees, clock, book, and gate workers for home games, and will keep all
receipts from these to offset the cost of the program. Lake City will pay for transporting Lake City students between Lake City and Creede for practices and games. Creede will pay for transporting Creede students between Creede and Lake City for practices. Lake City will pay for overnight expenses for Lake City students and staff. Creede will pay for overnight expenses for Creede students and staff.
2. Transportation of participants – Lake City Community School will transport the students who desire to play with Creede to CSD to Creede for Creede all practices. Creede will transport students to Lake City for Lake City practices. If
weather hinders traveling or illness prevents travel, the traveling school will notify the other school as soon as possible. Creede and Lake City students will travel together (students riding together in vehicles) to games as much as
possible and as much as is logical given travel logistics. Students requiring alternative travel logistics to a game shall have those plans approved by their superintendent or athletic director prior to the trip. Alternative arrangements shall be communicated to the other school superintendent or athletic director. After competitions, parents may sign their students out with the head coach to take their children home if desired. , they will give Creede as much advanced notice as possible. Lake City Community School will provide transportation to CSD on the day of games and the players will ride to any away games with the Creede players. Lake City parents may take their children home with them after the away or home games. If alternate transportation arrangements are desired, a phone conversation between administrators will ensue.
3. Staffing and supervision of the activity – Coaching staff shall be as balanced as possible between the two schools. Ideally, each team (boys and girls) will have at least one coach (head or assistant) from each school and each school will have one of the two (boys and girls) head coaching positions. A staffing committee shall be made up of equal numbers of people from each school. Each school shall pay for the coaches from its community. Creede will provide all coaching needs. Lake City may have coaches participate in the positions available; however, they will go through the same interview process that all coaches in Creede must as well. An interview with the Creede principal, AD, and superintendent will be conducted and the best candidate for the job will be
selected. If Lake City would like an administrator on the interview panel, they may do so. Coaches will be paid on the scale that is established for CSD.
4. Use of facilities – Creede School Gymnasium will be used for the majority of practices and all home games. The majority of practices in Creede will be in the Creede School Gymnasium, and the The old gymnasium on La Garita in Creede may be used on occasion if needed. Practices in Lake City will be in the Armory.
5. Administration of the activity – CSD Creede will administer the activities. CSD Creede will cover liability for games, travel (except for transport provided by LCCS Lake City), and practices in Creede. Lake City will cover liability for practices in Lake City. Creede will pay for referees, clock, book, gate workers for home games, and will keep all receipts from these to offset the cost of the program.
6. Procedure for dissolution of the agreement -At any time, either CSD Creede School Board or LCCS Hinsdale County School Board may call a meeting to
discuss an issue with the agreement. Both schools will be committed to working toward resolution and both superintendents will be part of the meeting. If
resolution is not reached, either school board may vote to dissolve the co-op for that year the agreement for the existing year will be honored and further resolution strategies will be employed to reach agreement for the following year. Both boards will approve the following year’s co-op agreement by June 30.
7. The name of the team shall be declared -The team will be the “Miners/Fourteeners.” also referred to as “Creede/Lake City.” It will not be the Creede Miners simply the “Miners.”

I. Lake City’s Administration or designee Both schools will send an eligibility list via fax or scan to the CSD other school’s administrative office by 9:00 a.m. Monday morning each school week during the season. The Creede’s fax number is (719) 658-2942. Lake City’s fax number is (970) 944-2662.
II. All Lake City’s players will abide by the Athletic Code of Conduct agreement signed at the beginning of the season. (see attached)
III. All Lake City parents will be encouraged to attend the a preseason parent meeting. Preseason parent meetings will be held in Creede and in Lake City
held by the coaches for each team. It is not mandatory just highly encouraged.

Items included below are from the Application for Conducting a Cooperative Team Athletic Program, CHSAA 2017-2018 Form 22 (Items from the Application addressed above are not included below.)
a. Conditions prompting application for cooperative agreement and goals of co-op: Creede and Lake City both have fluctuating enrollment in their small high schools which results, some years, in its being impossible for one or both schools to field independent boys and girls basketball teams.
d. Uniforms (colors, cost, identifying names, etc.)
The existing Creede/Lake City uniforms will continue to be used.
f. Operating procedures – Operating procedures will be agreed on between the respective coaches, athletic directors, or administrators.
h. Practice sites and schedules – In a perfect world, all student-athletes from both schools would be together for all practices. The geographic barriers of Slumgullion and Spring Creek passes, inclement weather during the basketball season, and the travel time between the schools present challenges making all practices together difficult. Ideally, Lake City students will attend practice in Creede two days per week, Creede students will attend practice in Lake City one day per week, and one practice per week will be separate with Creede students practicing in Creede and Lake City students practicing in Lake City. In weeks with more than four practices in a week, practice locations will keep the proportion of practices similar to those in four-practice weeks. Factors like weather, illness, school academic schedules, and optimal use of spaces available can influence practice schedules throughout a season. Athletic directors from both schools will agree upon the practice schedule details.
jj. Evaluation of staff – Staff will be evaluated by both schools’ administrations.
k. Supervision at contests, home and away
Supervision at games will be from either school as agreed to by the athletic directors.
m. Contracting game officials – Creede will contract game officials.
n. Cheerleaders/pep squads – If either school has a cheer squad, the squad will cheer equally for both Miners and Fourteeners.
o. CHSAA eligibility reports – Each school shall submit eligibility reports to CHSAA according to CHSAA bylaw 1730.
q. Procedures for awarding athletic letters – Awarding athletic letters and other awards will be at the discretion of the individual athletic directors for their respective students.