Eleven Hinsdale County Democrats Attend Party’s March 6 Caucus

Eleven Hinsdale County Democrats attended their party’s caucus in Coursey Annex on Tuesday evening, March 6.
Jennifer Rightsell was elected to serve as caucus chairperson and Lorie Stewart was elected caucus secretary. Celeste Scott and Lorie Stewart volunteered to serve as judges in upcoming elections.
Caucus attendees heard a succinct report from Party Chairperson Jennifer Rightsell who read letters seeking support from a variety of Democratic state office hopefuls, among them Colorado Gubernatorial candidate Erik Underwood, incumbent U.S. Senator Michael Bennett, Dave Young, who is running for Colorado State Treasurer, and Secretary of State candidate Jena Griswold.
Also drafting letters to Hinsdale Democrats and read at the caucus were incumbent District 59 State Representative Barbara McLachlan and Phil Weiser, who is seeking the post of Attorney General with planned campaign visit to Lake City on April 2.
In addition to state gubernatorial candidate Erik Young, Chairperson Rightsell noted that Jared Polis, Noel Ginsburg, Mike Johnston, and Cary Kennedy are also in the running for Colorado Governor.
Democrats at the caucus took part in a gubernatorial preference pole resulting in two votes — representing 18 percent of those attending the caucus — in preference for Polis, and nine voters, 82 percent, who were uncommitted.
Statewide, and with 96.3 percent of Democratic precincts reporting, the gubernatorial preference poll was Noel Ginsburg: 400 (1.7%); Mike Johnston: 2049 (8.8%); Cary Kennedy: 11583 (50.0%)
Jared Polis: 7537 (32.5%); Erik Underwood: 95 (0.4%); and Uncommitted: 1504 (6.5%).
According to state statisticians, a total of 23,168 Democrats took part in Tuesday’s caucus process.
Henry Woods offered three resolutions for possible inclusion to the state party platform: support for the state and national Democratic Party pro-choice platform; Hinsdale County Democrats do not believe in sacrificing public lands for profit; county Democrats believe Citizens’ United should be abolished citing their contention that corporations are not people.
All three resolution proposals passed unanimously with 11 votes in favor.
In her treasurer’s report, Lorie Stewart stated that the county party’s fund balance in 2017 began with $115.65 and was augmented by $615 in donations, currently standing at $655.65 with the deduction of $75 for meeting advertising. Donations were accepted; in addition, donations can be made at the assembly or directed to Hinsdale County Democrats at P.O. Box 778, Lake City, CO.
Woods’ motion that all 11 individuals attending the caucus represent the party as delegates at the Tuesday, March 20, Hinsdale County Democratic Assembly was unanimously approved.
Delegates to the assembly are Kerry Coy, Cindy Nelson, Ed Nettleton, Mary Nettleton, Jennifer Rightsell, Celeste Scott, Bill Stewart, Lorie Stewart, Susan Story, Bruce Vierheller, and Henry Woods.