Veterans’ Day Remembrance

We gather here today
On Hinsdale County soil
To honor those who’ve served our country…
With blood and sweat and toil

They have served in the Army
The Navy and Air Force, too
The Coast Guard and Marine Corps…
Under the red, white and blue

Sometimes in war they were drafted
Most joined up as patriots do
They’ve served our flag around the world…
Protecting me and you

Today, in this crowd I see
Veterans, both young and old
Men and women, our country’s best…
Let their sacrifice and service be told

For over two hundred and forty years
Veterans have answered our country’s call
In war and peace, by day and night…
All gave some and some gave all

So as we gather here on Veterans’ Day
Just remember this
Our country will remain
The land of the free
As long as there are veterans…
Who will fight for Liberty!

— Russ Brown
Vietnam Combat Veteran
U.S. Army