Tremendous Snow…

It was “all hands on deck” for Hinsdale County Road & Bridge personnel Friday and Saturday, February 22 and 23, as snow fell in depths ranging from 7” in Lake City to over 2’ deep on the Upper Piedra in the South End of the county.
Hinsdale Road Supervisor Monte Hannah reports he and six members of his Lake City crew — Johnny Bebout, JoAllen Blowers, Don Menzies, Norman Ragle, Jeff Langtree and Breck Thompson — were “super busy” as the result of heavy snow in the county on Friday, and then were called out again on Saturday to clear county roads and town streets as the result of further snowfall.
In the South End of the county, Gene Snow and Warren Decker also worked around the clock over the two days as the result of a snow downpour estimated at 2’ or greater on the Upper Piedra. Snow 15” in depth was reported on the upper Lake Fork in the vicinity of Sherman, similar snow totals also being clocked on upper Henson Creek at the closure gate above Nellie Creek.
Snow levels in Lake City for the two days, according to weather observer Phillip Virden, totaled 7” depth with .64” moisture content. Elsewhere in the region, the Feb. 22-23 snowstorm resulted in 24” at Pagosa Springs, 40” at Wolf Creek Pass, 8” at South Fork, and respeective 7.5” and 6.2” at Ouray and Silverton.


Photos Courtesy Hinsdale County Road and Bridge