Start of 2017-2018 School Year at Lake City Community School… First Day of School August 29, 2017

Frech – 2nd and 3rd Grades… Returning Lake City elementaary school teaching staff includes Lori Frech who is again teaching 2nd and 3rd Grade students at Lake City Community School.
Standing left to right at right are Quan Lemon (2), Daniel Hays (2), Levi Hartman (3), Brylee Elkins (2) Amara Terry (2), Morgan Hardy (2), Mace Elkins (3), Thea Ralph (2), Jake Tutas (2), Sadie Kambish (3); kneeling – Dean Brown (3), Ben Wingard (3), Micah Humphreys (3)
Giovacchini – MS/HS
Social Studies… Right, standing left to right – Anthony Preston (10), Riley Moore (12), Miranda Hall (12), Cameron Arthur (12), Landon Whinnery (12), Skylar Painter (12), Meredith Ogden (11), Kolten Wonnacott (11), Paide Thompson (11), Jacee Lawrence (11), Parker Tuttle (12), Alex Boyce (11), instructor Natascia Giovacchini.
Kneeling, front row, Sophia Borchers (11) and Isacc Borchers (12). Not pictured – Hailey Hooper-Gray (11), Jasper Roy (12) and Malie Kakazu (12).
Fyler – Kindergarten, 1st Grade… Students in Lily Fyler’s Kingerdaren and 1st Grade room at Lake City Community School eagerly anticipated the start of classes on Tuesday.
Pictured standing, l to r, at left are Landon Rhodes (K), Caleb Hardy (K), Rhys Phillimore (1), Shep Anderson (K), Charlie Kambish (K), instructor Fyler, Katie Howell (1), Liam Duke (K), Charlee Withrow (K), Evelyn Tutas (K), Aleah Wampler (K), Labron Wampler (1), Dax Elkins (K), Joseph Tubbs (1), Aven Humphreys (K), Elliott Hartman (1). Kneeling foreground, Elijah Wuest (K).
Scroggins –
MS/HS Science… Left to right – Joshue Preston (10), Keegan Ragle (10), instructor Dan Scroggins, Adrian Ruiz (10), Gabe Murphy (10), Isaac Whiddon (10), Grace Hearrn (9), Aide Cindy Nelson, Ian Hall (9).
Kneeling – Reese Moore (9), and Felicity Mullen (9).
Not pictured – Claire Cunningham (10).
Levine – MS/HS English… Standing left to right – Aide and Spanish teacher Mindy McClung, Braden Terry (6), Brian Graham (7), Rabbit Ruiz (7), Instructor Martha Levine, T.J. Wonnacott (7), Johnny O’Hara (7); kneeling – Silas Hartman (6), Shaye Stephens (6), Jaden McNeese (7), and Rhett Moore (7).


Standing left to right, Ava Wingard (5), Lucy Hays (4), Titus Humphreys (5), Autumn Long (4), Silas Fox (5), Dawson Brown (5), Rowan McNeese (4), Elle Baker (4), Adley Terry (5), Winston Beck (4), Josie Ogden (4), Priya Hartman (5); kneeling – MacKenzie Phillimore (4), Cody Howell (4). Not pictured Quelan Lemon.
3-Year old Pre-Kindergarten students taught by Caitlin Rhodes, and with John Baker as classroom aide, were preparing for dress-up on the first day of class on Tuesday morning, August 29. Sole boy in the 3-year old classroom, pictured left above, is Riley Rightsell, shown with aide Baker at far left, girls in the classroom, l to r, Afton Tubbs, Izzie Tutas, Kiera Matheus, Elsa Martin, Emilia Kambish, Maximilia Milski, and Lauren Rhodes.