Political Caucuses March 6 Mark Start of Election Season

Election season in Lake City and Hinsdale County is heating up with scheduled town trustee and mayor elections on April 3 and, looking a bit further ahead, a Primary Election for Hinsdale County officials on Tuesday, June 26, and General Election on November 6.
In advance of the election season, Hinsdale County Republicans and Democrats will hold their caucuses on Tuesday, March 6.
Among other requisite party business at the caucuses, each of the county’s political parties will designate delegates to attend assemblies to be held later in March.
Provided they are registered and have been members of the party since at least January this year, a total of 30 delegates and between three and five alternates will be selected by the GOP. Registered Democrats attending their party’s caucus have historically been automatically designated as delegates to their assembly.
For the Democrats, their caucus convenes at 6 p.m. Tuesday, March 6, in Coursey Annex next door to Hinsdale County Courthouse; Democratic Party Assembly is also at Coursey Annex on Tuesday, March 20.
Hinsdale County’s Republican Party holds its caucus starting 6 p.m., March 6, at Lake City Arts Center. The GOP Assembly will be held starting 6 p.m. Tuesday, March 13, in Coursey Annex.
Queried on Tuesday morning this week, Laura Palmisano, Deputy Hinsdale County Clerk, responds that as of this week there are a total of 760 registered voters in Hinsdale County, allotted as follows: 411 active and 31 inactive Republicans, 118 active and nine inactive Democrats, 160 active/21 inactive Unaffiliated voters; one active American Constitution Party voter; one active Green Party member; and eight active voters who are registered as members of the Libertarian Party.
County voters will have an abundance of county officer candidates to select in 2018, including replacements for incumbents Sheriff Ron Bruce and District 2 Commissioner Cindy Dozier, both of whom are retiring from office at the end of their present terms.
Announced GOP candidates for Commissioner Dozier’s seat are Kristie Borchers and David Guilliams, both of whom have filed their paperwork to seek elected office.
Hinsdale Undersheriff Justin Casey, also a Republican, has filed paperwork allowing him to seek office as Hinsdale County Sheriff.
Incumbent county officials seeking re-election and at present unopposed are Hinsdale County Treasurer Lori Lawrence, seeking her second four-year term; Hinsdale County Coroner Jerry Gray; Hinsdale County Clerk & Recorder Joan Roberts; and Hinsdale County Assessor Luke de la Parra.
Both Roberts and de la Parra are seeking election to their first four-year terms: Roberts was appointed county clerk in December, 2016, following the retirement of former clerk Linda Pavich, and de la Parra is seeking election after being appointed in March last year taking the place of retired assessor Joan Nelson.