Objections to Recall Petition Scheduled Aug. 2

A Protest Hearing stemming from the petition seeking recall of District 3 Hinsdale County Commissioner Stan Whinnery has been scheduled next Friday morning, August 2.
The hearing starts at 10 a.m. August 2, and will be held in the commissioners’ meeting room in Coursey Annex. The hearing is open to the public.
A Hearing Official to be named by County Clerk Joan Roberts will hear protests from individuals who are challenging the manner in which the recall petitions were circulated.
Protestors to be heard at the hearing are Echo Wuest, Kenneth R. Wilson, Robert Keith Chambers, Nora Roper Smith, Burton Earl Smith, Robert G. Quinn, and Michael T. Murphy.
Scheduled sequence at the hearing starts with protestors citing reasons, with proof if possible, citing why are they objecting to the petitions seeking recall of Commissioner Whinnery.
A representative from the recall committee will then be allowed time for rebuttal, after which the protestors make any additions to their testimony.
The Hearing Official will then ask questions seeking additional information, after which the Protest Hearing is adjourned.
Based on the evidence submitted at the inquiry, the Hearing Official will then issue a determination on Monday, August 5.