Latest in Health District News

Per our report last week, two directors of Lake Fork Health Service District, Shawna Shidler and Jerry Johnson, met privately with Dr. Beuford Durmon and his wife, Gudrun, on Sunday morning, July 9.
The lengthy meeting lasted in excess of two hours and was characterized as constructive.
The results of the Sunday meeting were in turn conveyed to the full, five-member Lake Fork Health Service District board during an hour and 45-minute executive session which was held behind closed doors at Lake City Medical Center on Tuesday morning, July 11.
According to notice which was posted in advance, Tuesday morning’s executive session was stated to begin at 8 a.m. and consist solely of 1) roll call, 2) motion for executive session, and 3), adjourn executive session.

Attended by a full board, Johnson and Shidler with fellow board members Janella Cox, Carol Clauss, and Fred Stapleton, commenced with workshop at 8 a.m. Tuesday, the board going into closed session from approximately 9 a.m. until 10:45 a.m.
In addition to the five-member health service district board, also attending the closed sessions were the med center’s Physician Assistant, Bob Downs, and Nurse Practitioner Sherry Huisman.
In the audience prior to going into executive session were Nancy Zeller, Erin Cavit, Lonnie Sweet, Janet Potter, and Hinsdale County Sheriff Ron Bruce.
It was stated that the board has been in contact with legal counsel and Downs and Huisman were invited to take part in the closed-door session. Due to a scheduling conflict with board member Fred Stapleton, the health district’s scheduled 8 a.m. workshop/8:30 a.m. meeting on Monday, July 17, has been moved to Monday, July 24, Zeller Wellness Center at Lake City Medical Center.
Citing a prior medical appointment, the board’s chairperson, Janella Cox, left after the meeting was reopened to the public, leaving four board members — Johnson, Clauss, Shidler, and Stapleton – to vote on a succession of three motions which were unanimously passed by the four remaining directors.
All three motions were made by board member Jerry Johnson, the first of which referenced the need for the health service board to immediately engage the services of a moderator; board member Clauss volunteered to make telephone calls to locate a suitable moderator between the board and the Durmons.
An amendment suggested by Stapleton, which was briefly discussed and not acted upon, was that costs arising from hiring a moderator should be split between the health service district board and the Durmons.
The second motion passed by the health board was to schedule another executive session “as soon as possible” to consider restructuring of the health service board. A date for the next executive session by the board had not been posted as of Tuesday evening.
The third and final motion made by Johnson, and again passed unanimously, reiterated that the Durmons’ announced August 1 departure from the medical center has not been rescinded and still remains in effect.