July 4 Recap

PARADE – the combined Sweety’s Wildlife Zoo and Mountaineer Movie Theatre floats were a repeat first place winner in this year’s larger-than-usual July 4 parade. Highlights of the multiple float were a crowd of action heroes led by a somewhat questionable Wonder Woman and an entertaining blend of zoo figures, both human in costume and painted figures which are hallmarks of zoo owner Karen Hurd.
Second and third place for July 4 floats went respectively to Old West Shooters with their saloon and hot game of poker, and third place to the Tinsley Family.
Shooter recreationist Denny Brannon was appropriately among the gamblers surrounding the float’s round poker table, a banner proclaiming the fact that staged western gun fights are returning to Lake City on August 5, 12, 19, 26 and September 2 this year.
Highlights of this year’s parade were a profusion of red-white-and-blue decorated ATVs, one astute parade watcher noting that the vast majority of the all terrain vehicles were the newer side-by-side razors with narry an older Polaris single seat ATV in sight.
Vintage Willie Jeeps and other classic models were also in evidence, including a spiffy 1946 International Harvester with wood paneling, a 1947 Willies, and bright red 1964 Chevrolet pickup supplied by Blue Mesa Subdivision. Latellya Smith’s Woodlake RV Park contributed two classic autos to the parade, one being a 1958 GMC truck laden with kids and patriotic bunting.
Pleasing to the ear, as ever, was the Breining family’s traditional Pioneer Pickers’ flatbed truck loaded with string musicians. Featured on the float, which was driven by David Breining and Nick Breining, were 16-year old guitar musician Ben Breining, R.D. Beard on guitar, Curlis McGee, electric base, and family patriarch Berry Breining, fiddle. The flatbed pickup is supplied by Blue Spruce Lumber.
Parade spectators couldn’t miss stilt walker Lance Loerwald, from Florence, Texas, who was once again dressed as a towering Uncle Sam.
The parade was led by a Color Guard coordinated by Russ Brown, and following this was a pickup and trailer combo of notable vets, among them Bob Vickers, Ted Vickers standing, and seated Bob McKee, Mac Darnell, and Phil Dosien, driver Babe Vickers and music coordinator Bob Angeli.
Banner bearers for the Color Guard were U.S. Air Force Veterans Bob LeeGrand and Larry Nicklas, with flags proudly carried by the following – Navy Veteran Harvey DuChene presented the U.S. Flag; R.S. Scott, a Marine Veteran, carried the Colorado Flag; Scott Campbell – U.S. Army; Steve Dozier – U.S. Coast Guard; Bill Reinhardt – U.S. Navy; Army Veteran Russ Brown carried the POW Flag; U.S. Marine Corps – Marshall “Mickey” Graef; The U.S. Air Force flag was also displayed amid the Color Guard although we have been unable to learn the bearer’s name.
With interruption for photo-taking, visiting ad news gathering, following is an abbreviated, somewhat chronological listing of this year’s
parade floats which made their way down Gunnison Avenue from Wade’s Addition and then back up Silver Street to Lake City Park:

Color Guard and vets’ floats already cited; Debbie Rae driving the Chamber of Commerce float with raffle ATV; a bevy of bright and shiny firetrucks, emergency lights ablaze, drivers including Bill Hagendorf, Forest Gray, Herb Quick, and Kenny Athey; Hinsdale County Sheriff Ron Bruce closely followed by his wife, Diane, in classic Camero, Hinsdale Undersheriff Justin Casey, deputies, and Alpine Ranger Alan Rae; Hinsdale EMTs and ambulances piloted by Bruce Curry and Lucky O’Dubhaigh.
New to the parade this year were two Colorado Dept. of Transportation snowplows stationed at the base of Slumgullion Pass decorated with flags. Ever-tuneful Lake City Stinger Band under direction of Mike Pearce; horseback riders including Commissioner Whinnery and Janette Norsworthy on the horse Bugs; Lake City Old West Shooters’ poker and saloon scene; classic autos from Blue Mesa Subdivision, Breining Pioneer Pickers musical float; the Tinsley family’s elaborate float with aspen enclosure quite successfully depicting the Chamber of Commerce theme “Wildlife, Wildflowers, Wild Times!”
Hinsdale County Museum’s “Scarlet Belles” actors including Bear Ferris, Julie Rothschild, Ron Taylor, Ted Manassas, Jeannie Handley, Myreta David, Bill Goodwin, and Kathy DuChene in period costume and with hand-held signs helpfully identifying the characters they portray. As a sidenote, Handley’s costume was so that authentic that she received two crisp $1 bills tucked into her garter.
Castle Lakes Campground and Cabins following the “Wildlife, Wild-flowers, Wild Times” theme. Eyes were cast skyward for the jet flyover promptly at 10:15 a.m., the roaring jets then making their way up valley toward Silverton. Jerry Johnson ably drove the Climb Elevated Eatery float with nattily dressed food staff, somewhat vintage with starched white aprons and arm garters. Bunting and flags on a group of ATVs from Henson Creek RV Park, among them Joe Hoover. Lance Loerwald walking tall as Uncle Sam; a second large group of red-white-and-blue ATVs with flags and buntings, including Rosenbusch family dispensing mini frisbees; Barry Thompson and staff from ‘Tis the Season Christmas shop gleefully distrub-
uting miniature American flags and beads; large family float prepared by the Ragsdale, Jubles and Graves families.
The somewhat sparsely decored Breckenridge family float bore the inscripts “Didn’t plan to decorate”

and “We’ll do better next year.” Berg family float from Lake San Cristobal featured a camping scene, complete with campfire. Valley View Ranch with children and parents seated on haybales; Inn at the Lake float, followed by Dan and Marian Hall’s Dan’s Fly Shop float. Quiram family and guests on their “Volunteers Keep Bluebirds Flying” float; Sky Ranch counselors and campers, plackards including “Love God, Love People.” Sleek Vickers Ranch horseback riders included Larry and Paulette Vickers, Faith Vickers, Paul Vickers, and guests; premium beef jerky was hailed on the “Celebrating the life of Clinton D. Freeman” beef jerky floatt; Woodlake Park’s vintage autos, including driver Monte Hannah and venerable RV park owner Latellya Smith; Lake City Community School’s elaborate “Fourteeners” float included flag bearers Leslie Nichols and Tara Hardy, saluting the school’s state and nationally-honored cross country, track, Basketball, and knowledge bowl teams, Isaac Borchers with banner, girls’ basketball team playing hoops; Mountaineer Theatre and Sweety’s Wildlife Zoo.

BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT – Lake City Community School’s annual 3-person. half-court basketball tournament on Tuesday afternoon, July 4, drew attentive spectators who lined the basketball court at the school.
The tournament was overseen by school coach Dan Scroggins, aided by Janelle Warren. A total of 11 teams competed in the tournament, including three middle school teams — the Mavs, Campbell Boys, and Swishers — and eight high school/adult basketball teams, including the Wookies, Valley View, Treys, Warbird, and Powerstrokes.
First place among middle school teams were the Mavs featuring Barbara Hoaglin’s son, Marc Moffitt, whose sole role on the team was to pass to the other two team members, Marc’s son, Luke Moffitt, and fellow teammate Carson Castro.
Top place teams were Castle Lakes, in third place, comprised of Ben Fuller and fellow teammates Eli Smith, Aaron Minton, Gavin Jarrett, and Jason Prisbrey. Castles Lakes third place finish was remarkable following an early round loss, after which the team steadily worked its way back to the forefront.
Second place on Tuesday was the Kelley Brothers: Jesse Kelley, John Ingham, and Matt Kelley; and finishing in first place was the Texas Freshmen comprised of hustling Braden Montgomery, Brady Montgomery, and Jack Allcorn.

Photos over the Independence Holiday were taken by Grant Houston, Russell Gammon, R.S. Scott, and Joan Nelson.