County Names Hines Interim Administrator

In the wake of the resignation of Hinsdale County Administrator Jami Scroggins, Hinsdale Commissioners Thompson, Gutterman, and Borchers met in two executive sessions, the first last Wednesday morning, February 19, followed by a second closed-door session on Wednesday, February 26. Emerging from their deliberations for a short public meeting on Wednesday this week, commissioners announced that the county’s administrative aide, Sandy Hines, will fill the role of Acting Interim County Administrator following Scroggins’ last day on the job next Monday, March 2. As interim administrator, Hines will handle day-to-day county functions, including commissioner meetings. County Finance Director Lynn McNitt will take on added duties as a result of the commissioners’ short-term staffing plan. County Commissioners are exploring hiring seasoned professional David Torgler, of Delta, Colorado, to assist the county part-time with long-term goals and as an advisor. Hines, 54, is a multi-decade Hinsdale county resident, formerly from San Marcos, Texas, who worked at Moncrief Mountain Lodge and Silver World Publishing prior to joining Hinsdale County in the administrative executive aide post starting May, 2015.