Becky Campbell Named to Health District Board

…An EMT-Intermediate and former businessowner, Campbell joins board at special meeting

Local resident Becky Campbell, an EMT-Intermediate and former owner of Hinsdale Title Co., was named as a third member of Hinsdale Health Service District at a special board meeting which was held Thursday morning, August 10.
Campbell, whose term extends until May, 2018, joins incumbent health board directors Jerry Johnson and Shawna Shidler, and allows a quorum to conduct business at the board’s next regularly scheduled meeting, 8 a.m. Monday, August 21.
Campbell fills one of three board vacancies caused by the resignations of former health board directors Fred Stapleton, Carole Clauss, and Janella Cox in late July and early August.
Applications continue to be sought to fill the two remaining board vacancies, with a final determination at the August 21 meeting to return the board to its full five-member complement.
In addition to Campbell, others submitting letters of interest to fill the board vacancies were businessman Mike Schell, who attended Thursday’s 8 a.m. meeting, Jami Scroggins, Janel Warren, and Barbara Hoaglin.
Asked for a brief presentation on why she chose to apply for a director position, Campbell stated that she has directly and indirectly been involved with the medical center for 15 years. “I want to see it come back to the viable, full-service clinic which it has been,” she said. “Taxpayers and residents deserve that, and EMS depends on it.”
As the two applicants present, both Campbell and Schell were questioned by Johnson and Shidler on their financial experience, both citing their experience as Lake City businessowners. Campbell’s resume includes reference to her past work at the bank in Lake City and budgetary experience.
After a motion by Shidler and seconded by Johnson, with both directors voting in the affirmative, Campbell signed paperwork and received her oath of office. Prior to Thursday’s vote, she also advised the board that she had prior travel commitments and would be unable to attend the August 21 meeting, although she indicated she would attend by telephone in order to allow a three-member quorum.
Shidler stated that all letters of interest received to fill the remaining two vacancies on the board —
including those already received by Schell, Scroggins, Warren and Hoaglin, as well as other letters which the board hopes to receive between now and the August 21 meeting — will be duly considered by the board prior to a final determination at their next meeting.
In response to a question from Peggy Stockton in the audience, Shidler stated that applicants for a board position must be registered voters within the health service district. Asked if directors could be part-time residents who attended meetings by telephone, Shidler said, “it can be done but it’s not ideal.”
Scattered applause from an audience of approximately 15 individuals followed Monday morning’s vote placing Campbell on the health board.
From the audience, Rick Hernandez urged the board to consider rescheduling their 8 a.m. third-Monday-of-the-month meetings to an evening time, potentially 5:30 p.m., in order to allow greater attendance. Former health district board chairperson Erin Cavit was also in the audience, commenting that the board initially met on evenings “but no one came and we changed to morning meetings.”
Also from the audience, Danielle Worthen offered congratulations to Campbell, after which she asked the board to dispel a wide-spread rumor that state and federal regulations preclude a husband and wife team such as Beuford and Gudrun Durmon from working together. Worthen said she had personally poised that question to officials at Colorado Dept. of Local Affairs and the state’s Special Districts’ office and was clearly told that no state or federal laws preclude a husband and wife working together.
Shidler asked whether that extended to supervisory roles, Worthen again reiterating that according to her sources no laws are being violated.
Worthen also asked “Is there something I don’t know?” in relation to statements made in recent SILVER WORLD letters to the editor from Fred Stapleton and Joyce Stapleton referencing allegations the health board failed to follow certain state and federal health rules. Mrs. Stapleton’s letter suggested the Durmons had resigned after determining they would not be able to “comply with the limitations presented by the State and Federal rules…”
“How does she know that?,” Worthen asked, “are there investigations going on that we don’t know about.”
Shidler stated, “no, not that I am aware of,” telling the audience, “I will follow up on that and get an answer.”