Scroggins Named Administrator

Hinsdale Commissioners Thompson, Whinnery and Dozier met Monday morning, July 16, for an expeditious special meeting. With no preliminary discussion, the three commissioners announced the selection of Lake City resident Jamie Scroggins as their pick for Hinsdale County Administrator, filling the vacancy caused by the resignation of the prior administrator, Deanna Cooper.
A former teacher at Lake City Public School, Jamie Scroggins was appointed as a director of Lake Fork Health Service District last spring and was an unsuccessful applicant for Hinsdale School District Principal and Superintendent earlier this year.
She and her husband, Lake City Community School science teacher and sports coach Dan Scroggins, are the parents of two sons, Ryan and Ian, both of whom are graduates of Lake City Community School.
Scroggins was 3rd Grade instructor at the local school in 2008, and was 4th and 5th Grade teacher at the school from 2009 until she resigned for health reasons in 2014.
As Hinsdale County Administrator, she takes the place of Deanna Cooper whose last day as administrator is July 31. Cooper served as county administrator from February, 2017, when she was hired to replace the former administrator, Paula Davis, until her resignation in May this year.