Rundle Finalizing Phase II of Waterline Replacement, Looking Ahead to Sewer Project

During the month of August, Rundle Construction is finalizing Phase II of the waterline replacement project in Lake City.
According to project engineer Joanne Fagan, this month’s work will be the last of Phase II and the project, which has been ongoing since 2015, will be complete.
During the first part of August, Rundle was working on Henson Street in front of the Medical Center replacing asbestos concrete pipes that were installed in 1967 with heavy guage PVC piping.
Fagan tells WORLD that as of Wednesday night, August 15, Rundle had completed work on Henson Street and was performing pressure safety tests, flushing lines and back-filling the new water lines.
Old plastic piping was found, Fagan said, at the sewer crossing near Highway 149, but transitioned back into the asbestos concrete again at Oceanwave Drive.
Also on August 15, Rundle crews were working to replace a valve cluster on Oceanwave Drive in front of the bakery; water service north of the bakery was cut off most of the day Wednesday. Fagan confirms that this cluster replacement has been completed and that as of Wednesday evening, all water service has been restored.
Rundle crews will be working again up Oceanwave Drive at Golden Street on Monday, August 20, and once this work is completed they will be replacing water lines on Fifth Street from Silver Street to Bluff Street next week from August 20 through August 24.
In addition to replacing water lines, the Rundle crews will flush out fire hydrants around town.
They anticipate completing all work on Phase II of the water line replacement project by August 27 and will begin moving equipment out of town during the last week of August.
Fagan reports that the next step in Town of Lake City infrastructure improvements will be a sewer replacement project. She notes that there has been official approval from the State of Colorado on the town’s sewer study and that funding for the project is in the process of being secured.
The sewerline project, which is slated to begin as early as spring, 2019, has already been approved for zero percent interest loan funding, which is expected to be finalized by October or November this year.
Additionally, a Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) grant has been applied for and is expected to be approved and finalized no later than December, 2018.