Missouri Woman, Deanna Cooper, Named Administrator

At the Board of County Commissioners’ meeting Wednesday, January 18, a press release was issued covering the details of the board’s approval decision on the hire of a new Hinsdale County Administrator.
In their statement, Hinsdale Commissioners announce the hire of Missouri administrator Deanna Cooper as Hinsdale Administrator, with short-term aide in turn from the other applicant, Leadville’s Mike Bordogna.
Bordogna, former Lake County Administrator and
their county administrator, is being hired as interim administrator for a period of about four weeks.  Meanwhile, Deanne Cooper of Moberly, Missouri is expected to take the position long-term.  Commissioner Dozier specified this was, “All dependent that contractual terms can be agreed upon.”
Commissioners explained this bi-fold decision was made in order to take the burden off of the county administrative staff, especially administrative assistant Sandy Hines, who have shouldered a huge load of responsibility for several months since the retirement of Paula Davis in November.
Cooper, will need to give notice at her current position as Director of Development and Alumni Activities at Central Methodist University in Missouri.  The BOCC expects, should these negotiations move forward favorably, Cooper could begin in about three weeks. Quick to restate that the hire is subject to coming to terms on employment agreements with each candidate, Dozier announced that Mike Bologna is expected to start work Monday, January 23.
Dozier added, “Mike Bologna is laying a foundation for Deanna’s arrival.  He plans to work three to four extended days a week, and some of that will no doubt be remotely from his home in Leadville.”