Majority of Patient Reports Finalized, No Service Lapse

Retiring Emergency Medical Services Director Jerry Gray reports that no interruptions in medical services occurred as a result of last friday’s deadline for catch up on delayed electronic Patient Care Reports.
As reported in last week’s WORLD, approximately 70 percent of the reports for this year’s 80 ambulance runs remained outstanding as of last week.
The cumbersome electronic reports can take up to two hours for completion of a single report. Last Friday, November 30, was set as the deadline for the reports to be finalized and transmitted to the state, barring which members of the volunteer ambulance corps would be temporarily prohibited from further service until the reports, known as eCPRs, were completed.
Contacted on Tuesday this week, Gray reports that fully 75 percent of the delinquent reports have now been completed, the remaining exceptions being from ambulance team members who are either out of town or have been out of town.
No lapse in ambulance service occurred, he states, after several team members caught up on their patient reports. Also aiding in continuing ambulance service was the temporary recruitment of several former ambulance team members.