Lake City Prom

Former Lake City Silver World photographer Diane Hoffman-Brandt sent us a treasure trove of “blast from the past” photos. These were taken in 1985 – 32 years ago – at the “Lake City Prom,” which, according to organizer Phil Virden was a fundraiser for that year’s school spring trip. The prom was held at the Black Crooke Theater, which is today’s Arts Center. With such a colorful cast of characters, looks like it was a night to remember!

Perk & Emma Jean Vickers
Randy & Martha Nelson
Phil & Carolyn Virden
Billy Bob Lasater, Brenda Wagner, the Milskis, Robyn Dunham, Rosemary Knight… that Grant Houston in the back on the left?
Ted Schenck and Sue Comstock
John & Ann Parker
Scott Drew and ?
Jim & Pat Murlless
Harley & Caryl Rudofsky
Bill & Ruthanna Hall
Rosemary Knight, Eric Nice, Alex Milski
Jim & Virginia Dyson
Wally Hays, Charlotte Hunt, Buffy Hurd
Carol Howard, Jed Vickers
Prom Royalty Ted Schenck & Phil Virden. L to R behind: Jim Dyson, EJ Vickers, Robyn Dunham, Sue Comstock, far right Duane Harp.
Jani Landry, Bob Hall
Patty Marzano & ?
Kent, Jimmy & Alex Milski
Bob & Kathy Standard
Bob Skerry