Lake City Community School’s New Gymnasium hosts Elementary School Christmas Play

Preschool and elementary instructors Caitlin Rhodes and Lily Virden were the directors for this season’s Christmas elementary play, Teresa Jenning’s “Narbert the Narwhal’s North Pole Neighbors” which played on the school’s new gymnasium stage on Thursday evening, December 9. Set at frigid North Pole, the cast portrayed an eclectic mix of feuding creatures who were finally brought together through the efforts of Rhys Phillimore, in his role as Narbert the Narwhal, and Arvis Piltingsrud, Sun Dog the Narwhal.

Elementary cast – Narbert the Narwhal – Rhys Phillimore, Sun Dog the Narwhal – Arvid Piltingsrud, Snorg the Musk Ox – Dax Elkins, Aurora the Motther Lynx – Aven Humphreys, Kitty the Baby Lynx – Delilah Morse, Ursa the Polar Bear – Elliot Hartman, Harry the Arctic Hare – Caleb Hardy, Fuzzbutton the Arctic Fox – Lauren Rhodes, Logan the Arctic Fox – Landon Rhodes, Snowy the Snowy Owl – Max Milski, Randolph the Reindeer – Judah Pankratz, Klaus the Reindeer – Holden Crump, Umiak the Walrus – Elsa Martin, Justin the Moose – Elijah Wuest, Melonhead the Beluga Whale – Liem Zeno, Bergy the Beluga Whate – Brystil DeCristino, Blubbery the Beluga Whale – Roman Laoboutsa, Penguins – Mickey Carson, Max Weeks, Riley Rightsell, Aleah Wampler, Labron Wampler.