Cooper Announces Resignation as County Administrator

A surprise agenda item at Hinsdale County Commissioners’ Wednesday, May 16, meeting was announcement of the resignation of County Administrator Deanna Cooper.
In a tersely-worded statement near the start of Wednesday’s workshop, Cooper told Commissioners Susan Thompson and Cindy Dozier, Commissioner Whinnery attending by telephone, that she is resigning.
“I respectfully submit my resignation due to family health,” she told the board. Her last day at work for the county will be July 31.
Cooper’s resignation was formally accepted during the ensuing meeting on motion by Whinnery, seconded Thompson, and Dozier stating, “I reluctantly vote aye.”
With Whinnery stating he concurred, Thompson noted, “I want to thank you for all the work you have done,” specifically praising her for organization which has been brought to the post.
Cooper served as Hinsdale County Administrator since February, 2017, taking the place of former administrator Paula Davis who resigned in November, 2016.