Community School MS Cross Country Team Hosts Lake City Invitational Sat., September 28

Middle school cross country is underway this fall, with two out-of-town meets to date, Alamosa on September 8, and Gunnison this past weekend, September 15.
This year’s Lake City Community School roster of swift-footed middle school runners consists of Priya Hartman and Titus Humphreys in 6th Grade, 7th Graders Shaye Stephens and Silas Hartman, and Katelyn Cunningham and Jaden McNeese in 8th Grade.
Middle school runners are coached by Dan Scroggins and Sarah Kem. Coach Scroggins and Kem oversee the up-and-coming crop of Lake City runners in 4th and 5th Grades with practice sessions multiple afternoons each week.
According to Coach Kem, Lake City middle school runners are already seeing faster times from last year and steadily improving team dynamics.
“Although we are small, we have passionate runners and great talent on the team this year,” says Kem. “We are excited for the chance to compete at the state meet in Denver at the end of October.”
Upcoming games for the home team are at 10 a.m. this Saturday, September 21, in Cortez. Lake City Community School plays host at its annual home invitational with competing track and field teams from throughout the region starting 3:30 p.m. next Friday, September 28. In addition to track and field competition — middle school 3K and high school 5K — for both girls and boys at the home meet, a one-mile “Fun Run” will be staged for Kindergarten through 3rd Grade students.
The September 28 track and field invitational will be held in Lake City Park, Coaches Kem and Scroggins saying they are in hopes local residents and visitors will turn out to cheer the teams on.

Personal Records (PRs) to note:
Shaye Stephens: 15:09 (Gunnison, 2017) reduced her running time to 14:14 (Gunnison, 2018) – 55 second PR. Silas Hartman: 16:23 (Alamosa, 2017) to 15:01 (Alamosa, 2018) – 1 minute, 22 second PR; Hartman also significantly improved his running time at the Gunnison meet earlier this month: 16:00 (Gunnison, 2017) to 13:51 (Gunnison, 2018) – a 2-minute, 9- second PR.
In addition to the Lake City Invitational on September 28, other upcoming out-of-town meets for the Lake City Community School middle school track and field team includes Crested Butte at 9 a.m. on Saturday, September 29; Del Norte for a 9 a.m. meet on Saturday, October 6; and, looking to the end of the season, the State Track & Field Meet in Denver on October 20.