School Construction Groundbreaking Scheduled for May 21

Hinsdale County School District pursued and was awarded a BEST Grant in May of 2018, with the caveat the school district provides matching funds. The school district and community successfully passed a bond to provide those matching funds on November 7, 2018. RTA Architects had been retained by the school district to help with the BEST grant application and subsequent bond efforts.
Shortly after the election, RTA began design work. The school district contracted with NV5, as owner’s representative, to help manage the project. The team was rounded out with FCI Constructors as the Construction Manager and General Contractor (CM/GC). With input from the school district and the community, RTA has prepared design documents. FCI has been pricing each set of documents to ensure the project stays on schedule.
In late March, the design team submitted the
design documents for the state to review for a building permit. That permit is expected to be issued in May, just ahead of the start of construction.
FCI will be mobilizing to the site next week to get the site ready for early foundation work. The formal groundbreaking event is on May 21, 2019 at 11:30am. Construction for the foundation will begin in mid-May, followed by the structure, roof and exterior.
The goal is to get dried in before the winter and begin interior work on the addition. Once school is out in June 2020, FCI will renovate the interior of the existing space. Furniture will be brought in at the end of the summer and staff will be moved into their new space in time for the start of school in August of 2020.
Schedule Overview:
May 2019 – FCI will install temporary fencing and prepare the site for construction.
Summer 2019 – FCI will be working on the foundations and structure of the new addition.
Looking ahead, there will be limited access to the school during the summer of 2020.
June 1, 2019 – Movers arrive to move boxed up supplies to a temporary storage.
Fall 2019-Spring 2020 – FCI will be building out the addition.

School will be in session, students/teachers/staff will have unlimited use of the school, except for the exterior areas under construction.
Summer 2020 – FCI will renovate the existing building and complete the construction for the addition.
NOTE: Staff/students/etc. will not be permitted in the school during the summer of 2020 to allow FCI to complete the renovation. The school will not be safe for non-construction personnel.
NOTE: All non-construction personnel should stay outside the construction area for their safety. This includes school staff, students, parents, community members.
For additional information please contact Saul Abrahams, Owner’s Representative at or Rebecca Hall, Superintendent at or visit