Recall Deadlines Clarified

   Hinsdale County Clerk & Recorder Joan Roberts has clarified impending deadlines in the recall election of District 3 Hinsdale County Commissioner Stan Whinnery.
   Roberts has been in continual contact with the Colorado Secretary of State’s office. Based on a coordinated election date of Tuesday, November 5, Roberts and Secretary of State’s office now inform that the deadline for Whinnery to resign is Friday, September 27, and not Monday this week, August 12, as was reported to SILVER WORLD last week.
   The final date for resignation — which would then preclude the recall election — is set by the state 37 calendar days in advance of the November 5 coordinated election which, as was stated last week, will also include a ballot for District 3 successor candidates, two state ballot questions, and candidates for Hinsdale County School District Board of Directors.
   If the September 27 date passes without Commissioner Whinnery resigning, the recall election will proceed on November 5. The petition for one successor candidate, Republican Robert Hurd, has already been filed, and Hurd’s name will appear as District 3 candidate on the November 5 ballot.
   Other potential successor candidates have until Monday, September 30, to file their petitions. In the instance of a major political candidate such as Democrat or Republican, the successor candidate residing in District 3 must file a petition signed by a minimum of 54 registered voters who reside in District 3. A minor party or unaffiliated Hinsdale County voter residing in District 3 wishing to be a successor candidate must file a petition and needs 12 signatures, or two percent of the total votes cast in the last election.
   The deadline for write-in candidates to file their affidavit of intent is October 21.
   As stated in last week’s WORLD, if Commissioner Whinnery resigns up to September 27, the task of filling the vacancy falls to the Hinsdale County Democratic Vacancy Committee which is comprised of Jennifer Rightsell, Carol Robinson, Grant Houston, Henry Woods, Lorie and Bill Stewart, and Ed and Mary Nettleton.
   The Democratic Vacancy Committee would look at registered Democrats within District 3 as potentials to fill the District 3 vacancy through the end of Whinnery’s term in 2020. In the event the Democratic Vacancy Committee did not name a replacement, the vacancy would be filled by Colorado Governor Jared Polis.