Annual Stick Horse Show 2017

A record 65 riders and a throng of nearly 200 awed spectators took part in the annual World Championship Stick Horse Show & Rodeo in Lake City Park on August 5.
Sponsored by Lake City/Hinsdale County Chamber of Commerce, this year’s judged competition included both costumed and light-hearted entries, such as Celeste Scott and Cindy Lycholat in holiday motif, pictured Photo 1 top left, as well as more serious stick horse contenders whose cumulative points resulted in All-Around Cowboy and Cowgirl awards, boxed list below.
1 – Scott and Lycholat on “Santa Baby”; 2 – All-Round Cowboys and Cowgirls; 3 – Gaines, a talented rider all the way from Happesburg, Mississippi, emerges from the bucking bronco chute overseen by
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rodeo assistant Jim Arnold; 4 – “Paint” as skillfully ridden by Evie Tutas in English Jumping; 5 – Gunnison cowboy contestant Deakun Summer threw a mean lasso; 6 – Branson Broyles, from Brennan, Texas, exhibited fine form in the roping competition, ending the championships as an All-Round Cowboy in the age 5-6 category; 7 – Grand Entry on Saturday morning was led by flagbearing sheriff’s office deputies Charles Ferris, Chris Kambish and Tom Carl; 8 – Grand Entry stockhorse riders included Colorado State Representative Barbara McLachlan; 9 – ridden by Cole Semmens, “Rampage” was a speedy entry in the English Jumping category; 10 – Gunnison rider Ronald Wardleigh quickly maneuvered his steed, “Chiquita Wildfire,” to a winning adult time in the barrel racing – adding to Wardleigh’s cumulative points as All-Round Cowboy among adults ages 19-50; 11 – local rider Kristy Casey and her steed, “Winchester,” showed lightning speed in the barrel racing competition.