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November 21, 2018

Archives for November 2018

Joyous Revelry in Lake City at End of WWI

Lake City native Herman T. Heath, who died in 2005, age 98, was a frequent contributor to SILVER WORLD detailing his childhood memories in Lake City. Among Heath’s numerous newspaper articles several years prior to his death was an account of Armistice Day celebrations in Lake City which occurred just 100 years ago, November 8,

Town, County Seek Compromise on OHV Access

by Sally Scott Moore All three Hinsdale County Commissioners — Susan Thompson, Stan Whinnery and Cindy Dozier — met with Lake City Town Trustees and Town Manager Caroline Mitchell for a working lunch meeting on Wednesday, November 7. The lone item on the agenda was continuing discussion of the OHV issue. Leadership on all fronts

Petition Filed with Town of Lake City to Repeal Ordinance Allowing OHVs Within Town Limits

At 2:25 p.m. November 7, a petition was filed with the Town of Lake City to repeal Section 20-76 of Article IV of the town’s Municipal Code. The ordinance regulates the operation of off-road vehicles within the Town of Lake City limits and would be replaced with Section 20-78, which would prohibit them. The petition

Thumbs Up for School Hinsdale School District Voters Decisively Approve $3.9-Million Bonds as Part of $13.4-Million Community School Expansion

Cheers, tears and congratulatory hugs freely flowed in Lake City shortly before 9 p.m. Tuesday, November 6, with confirmation that Hinsdale County School District’s Ballot Question 4A had received decisive voter approval, 361 school district voters voting yes to the $3.9-million bond proposal and 193 votes against. Hinsdale County voters in Tuesday’s election posted a